Why Tiwa Savage Vows Never To Share Secrets Again

Tiwa Savage has decided to keep her future secrets to herself after her mother once let the cat out of the bag.

During an interview with MTV UK, the singer revealed that she had been ecstatic upon receiving an invitation to perform at the King’s Coronation concert. Naturally, she wanted to share the exciting news with someone, and her first choice was her mother. She made it clear to her mother that it must remain a secret. However, her mother couldn’t keep the news to herself and shared it with Tiwa’s brother within a mere 20 minutes.

Narrating, she said, “When I got the call about performing at the King’s coronation, I didn’t tell a lot of people at first. But eventually, I told my mum and as always I was like, Mum, please don’t tell anyone. Then literally 20 minutes later, my brother is calling me, he was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ And I’m like, mum, wow! So, I’m not telling my mum anything again.”

Tiwa Savage had the honor of becoming the first Nigerian artist to perform at a prestigious British royal event, King Charles III’s coronation concert, and Big Lunch in March. Interestingly, she was unaware of being the sole African performer at the event until later, which left her pleasantly surprised.

Reflecting on the experience, she mentioned, “Initially, I didn’t realize how big a deal it [was. And I also didn’t know who else was going to be performing either. So, I didn’t know I was going to be the only one representing the Commonwealth. So, when I started getting that information, I was like, ‘Wow! No pressure.’ It was great though.”

Tiwa described the concert as “iconic,” and being able to represent the Commonwealth was a momentous occasion for her.

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