Why Mohbad father refuses to bury his late son –Lagos State Police reveals

The Lagos State Police have now revealed why Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, has refused to bury his late son.

According to the Lagos State Police, the father of Mohbad has been advised that he can come and get his son’s body at any time, but the guy has yet to apply for it.

Recall that on Tuesday, November 21st, 2023, Gistlover reported that Mohbad’s mother stated that the singer’s remains had been released to the father, but he refused to have it reburied.

Findings by LIB (Linda Ikeji’s blog) showed that the police, having concluded the autopsy on the singer, informed the father that he can come forward to collect his body but the man is yet to apply for it.

A police source who spoke to LIB on condition of anonymity, said

‘’The body is in the morgue. It has not been released. It wouldn’t be released to you and you wouldn’t come and pick it. The hospital wouldn’t allow it. Only the father can apply for the release of the corpse, only the father and the police has said any day he applies, he would get it immediately. We have told them, anytime they want it, just write an application but the father has refused to do that. Technically, it is the father that is holding back. The father has said he is not taking it yet until they do DNA and that is their personal family problem. If the man writes today, of course it will be released and he must carry the corpse. You can’t write and keep it there. For who?”

Recall that the singer who passed away on September 12, was buried the next day, September 13. Following the controversy surrounding his demise, an autopsy was demanded for by Nigerians and his body was exhumed on September 21. It has not been reburied since then and the autopsy result is yet to be made public.

Mr Aloba has repeatedly insisted that a DNA must be done to ascertain the true paternity of Liam, the seven-month-old son of late Mohbad and his wife, Wunmi.

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