“this one tight” DJ Dimple Nipple Mistakenly Shows Her “toto” in recent Live Video

In a recent development, the renowned Nigerian DJ, Dimple Nipple, also known as Rachel Oluwabukola Martins, posted a video on her verified Instagram account that garnered heavy backlash.

The clip features herself and a female friend donned in revealing outfits, passionately dancing to Mavin’s latest track, “Overdose.”

See the video below:

The video stirred immediate responses from her fans and admirers who, upon encountering the footage, couldn’t contain their excitement. Expressing their reactions, they swiftly filled the comment section with their thoughts on the sultry performance.

The post, showcasing the dynamic dance routine to the vibrant beats of “Overdose,” has ignited a lively discussion among Dimple Nipple’s followers.

See the video below:

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