“Nigerians send money to me if you truly Love Me” – Veteran Actor Hanks Anuku Cries out for Help (Watch)

Renowned Nigerian veteran actor, Hanks Anuku, has made a heartfelt plea to Nigerians for assistance as concerns regarding his health have surfaced following a circulated video showing him in a visibly distressed state.

The actor, known for his roles in numerous Nollywood films, reached out to the public, imploring them to extend a helping hand during what appears to be a challenging time.

In a deeply emotional appeal, Anuku urged Nigerians to show their support by sending financial assistance, stressing that their generosity would serve as a crucial lifeline in his time of need.

His distressing state in the circulated video prompted widespread worry among fans and well-wishers, leading to an outpouring of concern for the actor’s well-being.

Addressing the circulating video that revealed his apparent distress, Anuku refuted claims of being in a stable condition, contradicting any assertions that all is well.

This stark revelation has prompted an outpouring of sympathy and calls for support from concerned individuals who hold the veteran actor in high regard.

Anuku’s public appeal is seen as a candid and vulnerable call for help, shedding light on potential challenges he might be facing.

As news of his plea spreads, fans and the Nigerian community at large are expressing solidarity and a willingness to provide the necessary assistance to support the revered actor during this trying period.

The veteran actor’s openness in sharing his difficulties underscores the need for compassion and communal support, emphasizing the importance of rallying around individuals who have contributed significantly to Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

As the plea resonates across social media platforms and beyond, there is a growing wave of goodwill and empathy extended towards Hanks Anuku in hopes of aiding him during his time of need.

Watch the video below;


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