Man cries out to Nigeria’s president as country’s economy has made it difficult to feed his dogs

man has gone online to make an appeal to Nigeria’s president over the harsh economy that has made it difficult for him to feed his dogs.



The man went online to lament over the current economic condition and revealed that the state of economic hardship in the country has been it difficult to get good foods for his dogs.

Man dogs feed economy
Emaciated dog.

He videoed the emaciated dogs whose rib cage was shown clearly.

However the video stirred uproar as many berated him, telling him to set the animals free if he cannot feed them.

In reaction, _jesssiiica__ wrote: “Uncle see how healthy you look?! There’s absolutely no reason for this abuse; unchain the dog so he can find his helper.”

damisi.i wrote: “Wth!!! This is meannnn. If you can’t afford to feed your pet, sell them or give them out to someone else!!”

toskyme_fashion said: “U get mind video this act of cruelty. Bro you can also do this to your domestic staff.”

itisbobby said: “Nah u need to unchain him , even God won’t punish us for our sins to this extent”

adeyemiseun wrote: “They should put that dog down, or find a new owner”

ekwutousi_ said: “Patient dog eye don see shege why still put chain on his neck though”

Watch the video below:

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