Legalizing prostitution could be the secret weapon to save marriages – Former Minister

Former Zimbabwean minister Nyasha Chikwinya has campaigned for the government to legalise prostitution in the country.

Speaking at a gathering sponsored by the Economic Justice Women Project (EJWP), the former Zanu PF cabinet member urged decision-makers to prioritise the needs of sex workers.

Prostitutes, she claims, play an important role in keeping couples together.

“Our country has come a long way with this matter and what I believe is that if we fail to solve a problem the way we wish there should come a time when we accept what is on the ground. Sex work is a reality. It is time a push for its legalization commenced.”

“That way we will be able to protect workers in this category from the rampant abuses they are facing. Many here would also admit that these sex workers are playing a very pivotal role in our society by saving several marriages from collapse.”

“Even if we reach that stage there will still be no problem at all because these sex workers are involved in a trade of selling a product which can still be taken back home in its original state.”

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