“I will not pay my last respect to Mohbad Yet” – Bella Shmurda states reason

A close friend of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, Bella Shmurda, has stated that he will not pay his last respects unless justice has been accomplished.

Bella Shumurda has been in the news following Mohbad’s death. He has taken to Twitter to express his displeasure with the entertainment industry.

Mohbad, according to Bella Shmurda, will not rest until justice is served. He further stated that he believes Mohbad is still alive.

He stated that he will never pay his last respects to Mohbad until the perpetrators are brought to book.

He tweeted, “Any Godfatherism should stop from now henceforth especially in the entertainment industry nd streets Any egbon adugbo u go collect like this This one no be joke You task me I slap u Ajeh!! I swear on my fathers grave try it just try it !! O ma riran wo!!”.

“Badman will never rest King of south nd the west… I won’t pay any last respect because you still live 4L. Until those who oppress him face justice nd sentenced nothing like last respect Igboro be aware”

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