“If say you marry like 3 or 4 wives, you for no dey feel am” – Portable shares advice with Israel DMW following his marriage crash

Street-hop singer, Portable shares marriage advice with the embattled Israel DMW whose marriage has hit the rocks, as he counsels him to marry more wives to avoid disappointment from one woman.

The singer, who’s currently in London for his show, took the time out to share pertinent advice with Israel at this time he’s going through a lot.

portable israel dmw advice

According to Zazzo, he should marry many wives in order to remedy his problems.

Portable noted that that was what he did in order to avoid disappointment that might likely come up in being in a relationship with just one woman.

israel dmw portable advice marriage
Israel DMW and wife.

He however, stressed that it is not like he is not a lover boy; he is, but he tries to spread his love amongst several women and take care of them equally.

Watch him speak…


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