Funny moment Mr Ibu tells machine to shut up at the hospital as he gets loved-up with his wife after amputation (Video)

Another video of veteran Nollywood actor Mr Ibu at the hospital after amputation has surfaced online and this time it is a video of him and his wife Stella Maris displaying love and affection toward each other.

The new video shared by the wife, shows the actor effortlessly showing off his comical skills as he tells the machine to shut up while getting loved-up with his wife.

Recall Intel Region reported that Jasmine, the adopted daughter of Mr Ibu had earlier shared the first video of the actor online after one of his legs was amputated. 

After the news of the actor’s leg amputation hit the internet, there have been controversies in the family most especially between the adopted daughter of Mr Ibu Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s wife Stella.

Activist, VeryDarkBlackman based on what Jasmine told him accuses Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris of wanting to use money meant for Mr Ibu’s hospital bills to undergo BBL, and acquire iPhone 15 Pro Max among other personal gains. Another information also disclosed that Mr Ibu was having intercourse with Jasmine.

However, Stella debunks what VeryDarkBlackMan said as he notes that she is not insensitive to be thinking of buying iPhone and doing BBL when her husband, whom she had lived 16 years with, lies in bed sick.

Despite the negativity surrounding their marriage, Mr Ibu in the new video was seen with his wife displaying utmost love to each other in an environment that oozes absolutely positive energy.

In the loved-up video, Mr Ibu was seen telling the medical machine to shut up as it tried to interrupt the beautiful moment with his wife, Stella Maris.

Watch the video below;

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