33-yr-old man cries out as 22-yr-old wife refuses to get pregnant, stop clubbing

An anonymous married man seeks advice due to his wife’s reluctance to get pregnant while living her twenties clubbing and living like she’s single. The man, aged 33, who married a 22-year-old woman over a year ago expressed concern about his wife’s lifestyle, claiming she lives as if she were single, engages in partying, and dresses inappropriately. When … Read more

Chef Dammy allegedly arrested by police AIG

Information coming in says that Chef Dammy has been arrested by the police AIG zone in 1 Akure for a petition against her pastor. Recall that Chef Dammy made a scary revelation about the pastor who paid for his cook-a-thon competition a few months ago. According to Chef Dammy, her pastor should be held responsible if anything happens to her. In the … Read more

“He dated me for one month” – Lady overjoyed as she gets married to lover

A young Nigerian woman astonishes everyone by telling how her husband proposed to her in a romantic manner after just one month of dating. A TikTok user going by the handle @queenangel698 claims that her spouse first saw her in December 2022 and quickly proposed to her in February 2023 The man promptly proposed on Valentine’s Day, explaining … Read more

“My papa no rich, na why I wan marry rich man; must I repeat history?” – Podcaster

A Nigerian podcaster vows to marry a rich man as she insists on not repeating the mistakes her parent made by not being with a wealthy partner. A Nigerian podcaster vows to marry a rich man as she insists on not repeating the mistakes her parent made by not being with a wealthy partner. She added that even those who are wealthy sometimes … Read more

“Because I have 3 cars” – Tenant cries out as landlord moves to evict him over his vehicles

because he occupied all the compound space with his three cars.   Mr Atanda Olatunji, a human rights activist took to his social media page to share the man’s plight with netizens. The embattled tenant, Ikechukwu who lamented that the landlord wants to evict him over compound space, revealed that he has three cars. However, … Read more

Lady causes stir as she shares amazing transformation after getting divorced (Video)

A woman has taken the internet by storm after sharing her incredible transformation following her divorce. The woman posted a series of photos on social media documenting her journey from being a ‘plus-size’ married woman to a confident and thriving divorcee. In the posts, it appeared that she lost interest in her appearance while being married. In … Read more

‘Woman be Alert ooo’ – Lady exposes new strategies young girls use in snatching faithful men who own expensive cars

A Nigerian woman has taken to the internet to voice concern and reveal the new strategies girls are employing to kidnap men from their women when they spot them driving expensive car. The worried woman disclosed that certain prostitute women are currently searching the streets resolutely for men they intend to seize by any means. She disclosed … Read more

“Jazz is real oh” – Video trends as man continuously smashes his stomach with knife and it refuses to enter (Watch)

Many internet users have been left in a freezing state following a recent video of a man making the rounds on social media. In the video, the man with a highly protruded stomach raises eyebrows as he proves to all and sundry that Jazz truly exists. In public event at the Norther part of Nigeria, … Read more

“Burial challenge” – Man buries himself alive for 7 days in coffin in attempt to break record (Video)

An American man, James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson also known as MrBeast, has buried himself alive in a custom-built coffin for 7 consecutive days in attempt to break record. The objective of this stunt was to surpass his own prior achievement of 50 hours, a feat he accomplished two years ago as part of an awareness campaign … Read more