“Broke guys don’t deserve love” – Saida Boj and Blessing CEO schools ladies

Online personalities Saida Boj and Blessing CEO encourage women not to fall in love with broke men since they do not deserve it.

They announced this in a live broadcast on Instagram hosted by Blessing CEO.

The known online therapist invited Saida Boj, whom she referred to as her “mini-me,” to the discussion.

Saida stated she was receiving a lot of abuse from many broke men on the internet because of her attitude on them.

She believes that men do not deserve love until they are financially stable.

Recalling a situation in which she encouraged her brother’s girlfriend to leave him alone since he was struggling financially, she claims she is not biased and only wants the best for women.

She emphasizes that before entering into a relationship as a guy, you must be capable of providing adequate care for the woman.

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