Bobrisky vs Portable: “Nothing Must Happen to My Son,” Singer’s Baby Mama Cries Out in Video

Recall that Bobrisky and Portable have been involved in an online fight after the crossdresser bagged the best-dressed female celebrity award at a movie premiere, which saw the singer voice out his displeasure.

Honey Berry, who was worried over Bobrisky’s comment, issued warnings to the crossdresser while urging him to leave Portable’s children out of their ongoing drama.

Speaking in Yoruba, Honey Berry stated she was more concerned about her son, warning Bobrisky that no harm must come his way or she would ensure he lands in jail.

“Abeg abeg…if you had an issue with him doesn’t give you the audacity to be laying curses on his children..If anything should happen to my son…Mr &Mrs Bobrisky let this sink in your brain if anything should happen to my son cus you don’t know the angel wey Dey pass..I swear on my life you will rot in jail…I go escort you reach there nih ooo,” she wrote in a caption of the video.

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